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My What? Questions Answered Collection (5 books)
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Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 27.4cm x 25.0cm

Age: 5+

This five-book collection has answers to everyday questions that children have about various important topics

From what makes our Earth unique to what puts the 'pop' in popcorn, the books will satisfy any curious mind. Covering the same subjects that children are learning about in their early years at school, these are fun and interactive books full of fascinating facts. 

Fully illustrated, the books will help young children learn about things that surround them and cover themes including science, nature, technology and animals.


Titles in this collection:

  • What Keeps Polar Bears Warm
  • What Makes My Heart Go 'Lub-Dub'
  • What Makes Popcorn Go 'Pop'?
  • What Helps Bats See in the Dark
  • What Makes our Earth Unique
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