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Totally Squishy from Head to Toe
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Get to know the human body from head to toe! Totally Squishy from Head to Toe comes with a giant, 12-inch tall skeleton filled with squishy organs, glow-in-the-dark bones, and muscle fibers. Investigate and dissect every part of the human body with realistic surgical tools to get an understanding of what makes our bodies work.

When that’s done, dive into pulling apart a brain! Totally Squishy from Head to Toe also includes a giant skull full of mushy brain tissue and gooey eyeballs. Get a look at all the pieces of the brain and learn what each section does. Once everything is pulled out, reassemble it all with the 24-page activity book!

Ten activity cards come with the set to make sure that pulling out organs and brain matter never gets boring. Try it today!


12-Inch Human Body Model & Stand
4 Vertebrae
8 Squishy Brain Parts
2 Squishy Eyeballs
24-Page Book
10 Activity Cards
9 Squishy Organs
12 Bones & Muscles
Plastic Forceps
Plastic Scalpel
Plastic Tweezers
8 Skull Parts
Organ-izer Poster

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